T: D. Boudill
Lisselore Gerritsen
Vert: Herman van Veen
M. v.d. Velde
M: C. Lara

jaar: 1994

Who cast the shaddow on your sunny face
who took the light out of your eyes
who let you into this deserted place
who wrapped you in this shroud of lies
Who broke your brittle heartand tore your dreams apart
who promised everything
except what he could give

Who stole your laughter like a renegade
who drove the music from your head
who stifled every cry for help you made
and left behind your hope for dead.
who made you unaware that you no longer care
who clipped your wings before you ever sailed the sky

Who helt your passion up to ridicule
who looked away when you had been defiled
Who send you unprotected of to school
Who speared reality but killed the child
Who felt you clinch your fistwhen you were finally kissed
who gave you just as I didfar too little love.
Who gave you just as I did
far too little love.

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