T: Willem Wilmink
ET: F. Holmes
M: Herman van Veen
P. Koopman

The old lady's prayer
jaar: 1990

The old lady prayed to the lord above
I loved my husband like I should
he was an honest man
he was a perfect husband too
you took him then one evening
and now I feel my time has come
I should be leaving

he was a man to be admired
not certain habits he acquired
and jealousy was one
whereby the cause to be I gave his none
it drove him to distraction
when other men would stop and look in my direction

I'de like to come there's nothing for me here
but all will start again I fear
I'll be with certainty
under close observations night and day
regardless of the fact
with angels he could trust me

oh lord said she don't want to fuss or fight
heaven is surely far and wide
have you got anywhere
a place so far from where my loved one is
where I am not dependent
to put up with this moods
would be like penance

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