T: Herman van Veen
ET: Lori Spee
M: Herman van Veen

jaar: 2012

They always want to know if we have eaten,
make us take our coats because it just might rain
and if it hurts then they can kiss and make it better,
give little girls a doll, little boys a train.

They say: "Make sure you don't take candy from a stranger"
and: "You're expected home before it's dark".
They will bake a cake when it's your birthday
and know the names of all your playmates in the park.

Know exactly where the bargains arc
and just how many cookies there should be inside the jar.
If you have the mumps, they're at your bedside
and tell you: "Dear, your father had that, too."

They will cry all through the national anthem
and when a movie star has passed away
and if foreigners are talked of in a condescending way
and if you marry on a sunny summer day.

They know what it will be when you're expecting
and in that condition what's the best for you.
To them you always stay a child of ten or so.
They love you more than you can ever know.

They tell you: "Mark my words:
you're going to think if of me when I am gone."

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