T: M.Haayema
ET: Lori Spee
M: Herman van Veen

jaar: 2012

When Lucas was nine years old
he asked his parents:
"Why was I born
the way I am?"

Father choked on his coffee.
Mother stopped reading her book.
"Listen, Lucas," said his mother.

"Papa and Mama once went
to a garden full of flowers.
Every kind was growing there,
we walked and walked for hours.

Blossoms full of beauty,
forget-me-nots so blue,
lilies and carnations,
the rose for
I love you.

And then we saw a flower,
that looked so special even there.
We looked around to find its name
but couldn't see it anywhere.

It grew along the pavement
in the shadow of a wall.
It got very little water,
and at times no sun at all."

"And then?", asked Lucas.

"'Are you very, very certain?'
they asked us at the gate.
"This one needs so much attention,
it might be best to wait.'

But we knew just what we wanted:
and knew for certain what to do.
'We want to care for and to love him
And Lucas,
that flower...
that is you!"

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