T: Willem Wilmink
ET: Lori Spee
M: Herman van Veen

jaar: 2012

I got bigger and taller,
I grew very hard.
I could walk to the corner
and I played in the yard.
I rode rounds with the milkman
in the bright morning sun
and the street was a landscape
now that spring had begun.
In our street.

But at night all the darkness
would scare you the most.
The shrub at the corner
might well be a ghost.
If the lamp by your window
shone its light on your bed,
then you hadn't gone blind yet,
you knew you weren't dead.
In our street.

I've been many places,
left no stone unturned.
There's a lot I've discovered,
a lot I have learned.
But who I've become
and whoever I'm not
is just as well a reflection
of what I was taught.
In our street.

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