T: H. Peeters
ET: Lori Spee
M: Herman van Veen

jaar: 2012

You do not have to stay here
if you are set on leaving,
you do not have to be polite
or act as if you're grieving.

You shouldn't make excuses,
your eyes should not avert me,
you don't need to feel sorry
if you think that you have hurt me.

You do not have to thank me,
you're not forced to salute me,
or calm down my emotions
with words you think would suit me.

You do not have to hold me,
you do not have to kiss me,
or soothe my hate and passion
by saying that you will miss me.'

So you may let me go now.
So you may now forget me.
Apply your double standard,
that will not upset me.

Adieu, my old companion,
goodbye my dear sweet friend.

Fare thee well.
Fare thee well.

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