T: Hans Lodeizen
ET: C. Adler
M: Herman van Veen

Do you remember
jaar: 1983

Do you remember
when the wind
enticed the trees
and stripped them all quite bare
we were there.

We drank the rain
just you and I
then found some leaves
to keep us dry,
I spoke,

I broke your heart
I had to tell the truth
it was time to part
a tear fell,
it has to be
nothing lasts forever,
I was silent and you cried.

Do you remember
when I held your hand in mine
and soon you would see
I wasn't right for you
and through your tears
you smiled and said 'we'll see'.

It is fall again and raining
I'm alone, I find some leaves for shelter
without you
and I cry.

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On Broadway ( 1983)