T: J. Herzberg
ET: Lori Spee
M: Herman van Veen
Erik van der Wurff

A song
jaar: 1994

Please don't ever lie to me
not about something important
not about anything else
I'd rather hear the most destructive thing
than hear you lie
for that would be more destructive.

Don't lie about love
something you feel
or something you wish you could feel
I'd rather be saddened
than have you lie
for that would be even sadder.

Don't lie to me about danger
because I feel you're afraid
and I know what I know is true
or I don't know you at all
and therein lies the danger.

Don't lie to me about illness
I'd rather face that abyss
than to lose myself
in one of your tempting delusions
for I'd get lost even deeper.

Don't lie to me about dying
because as long as we're still here
I think that that 'no-entry', not revealing
what you think
is worse and even deader.

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