T: Willem Wilmink
ET: Lori Spee
M: Herman van Veen
Edith Leerkes

Anorexic girl
jaar: 2000

Hannah, what held me upright
when my world had gone under
was my determination
to be in wonder

In wonder of the cities
and churches that I saw
of songs by Schubert
and plays by Bernard Shaw

Of Mozart who transformed his thoughts
into a force beyond belief
turning sorrow into joy
and joy to happy grief

And of the poet Nijhoff
who found the words to write
how he close beside his mother
watched the secrets of the night

In wonder of some little song
that sings about a star
in wonder of the young girls
all the young girls that there are

In wonder of the Holy Lord
who lets the flower blooms be kissed
by honeybees and butterflies
though He does not exist

And when you're on the other side
could wonderment become a track
to take you where you'll eat again
God, Hannah, please come back

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