T: Rob Chrispijn
ET: Dee Shipman
M: Herman van Veen
Harry Sacksioni

All at sea
jaar: 1980

When I telephoned the doctor
A headache on my mind
I got you instead
All you said was
"Oh hello, so you're still alive..."
I wish I'd stayed in bed

If I hadn't got your number
I would not be wasting my time
Explaining my rhymes and reasons
Letting my pride be undermined.........

All at sea
All at sea in your eyes
As I gazed at the waving horizon
Your breasts in a bikini
Mere words could not describe
At least, not the words I was thinking!

At a liberal campaign
Designed to save the whales
We had met one day
And discussing pros and cons
Ecology and rights
Was keeping you at bay
Then your body moved me softly
As the waves rocked my boat
"Having a great vacation
With love", was all that I wrote!

All at sea
All at sea in your eyes
You were warm
You were gentle and childlike
Your bottom in tight blue jeans that gave me a hard time!
At least for the first two or three weeks........
Sometimes honesty prevails
And turns into a threat
Hanging by a thread
Above secruity
Only kept alive
By one who shares your bed

You had a child and a husband
I had a wife who truly cared
Why destroy any more love
For the act of lust that we shared?

All at sea
All at sea in your eyes
That smile looking over my shoulder
And I swore when we parted
I'd never love again.........
At least, at that moment, I meant it........!

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