Ich setzte den Fuß in die luft
und sie trug (Hilde Domin)

Trigger Happy Productions
014 228-2
een film van Ralf Schmerberg
dvd1: 88 min
dvd2: 56 min

Meret Becker, Luise Rainer, Klaus Maria Brandauer,
Herman van Veen, David Bennent, Jürgen Vogel e.a.

Poems have the power to uplift,
they possess the magic of enthusiasm
and the strenght of truth.
POEM is a film that takes up this vigor
and makes the viewer feel it.
An ingenious game with words and dreams,
unfulfilled desires and symbolisms.
Filmdirector Ralf Schmerberg translates
German lyrics into seductive pictures and
bestows a face upon the texts of
Tucholsky, Bachman, Goethe,
Hesse, and many more.

design © Chris Janssen