T: Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger
ET: Lori Spee
M: Herman van Veen
Edith Leerkes

jaar: 2011 (1941)

Receive my song-
a song of woe,
the rain weeps on and on.
And whom it touches
surely knows
all happiness is gone.

Where are they now
those sunny days
when light was in my heart?
The world looked on
with troubled gaze
and watched them fall apart.

Will they return?
I do not know
perhaps tie wind can say.
It knows fate well
and soon may tell
if something can be saved.

But see, the wind
is hiding now-
so careful as it goes.
Believing still
just like a child
but fearing what it knows.

Receive my song-
may it become
a gentle, sweet refrain.
May lie who reads it
say: I see
more happiness than pain.

Receive my song-
may it bring back
the laughter once again.

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