T: Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger
ET: Lori Spee
M: Herman van Veen
Edith Leerkes

Evening 1
jaar: 2011 (1941)

The sky is of a blue so bold
that the big white clouds share its smile.
And slender trees, be they dark or green,
see you and say soundlessly, "Behold!"

Everything is wrapped in gentle air,
as still as if a fairy tale were being told.
And all the birds are listening as if mesmerized-
one only hears scent.

Those big white clouds sparkle like the snow
that has fallen on forget-me-nots.
And just as blue there is a tender pain
embracing all the trees.

And are the trees dark or are they green?
They themselves do not quite seem to know.
In a window pane reflecting blue there quivers
a drop of red. They are blooming.

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